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LIMITED EDITION Lavender Jade and Rhodonite Bracelet

LIMITED EDITION Lavender Jade and Rhodonite Bracelet

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This special Limited Edition bracelet was designed by my son Liam especially for Mother's Day. Featuring Lavender Jade beads and a beautifully carved Rhodonite Feather charm, it's the perfect way to say 'I love you' to your Mum. Read more about the properties of Lavender Jade* and Rhodonite* below.

Lavender Jade          Angels - Purity - Compassion

Finding it hard to be compassionate with yourself and others?

Need some guidance?

Lavender Jade is for you!

The stone of Angels, Lavender Jade attracts divine guidance and angelic beings. Perfect if you are attending a spiritual retreat or trying to raise your vibration through meditation.

It's know for spiritual purification and calls in the Goddess of compassion, mercy and unconditional love, Kwan Yin, encouraging grace and charitable actions.

Highly emotionally cleansing, Lavender Jade is great to wear if you are burdened with intense emotions and not getting along with friends or family, it brings in peace and helps set emotional boundaries.

Zodiac - Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn

Chakra - Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Mantra "I am divinely guided by compassion"


Rhodonite          Nurturing - Emotional Balance - Forgiveness


Are you feeling down?

Need a little nurturing energy in your life?

Have you experienced heart-break?

Reach for some Rhodonite!

The stone of nurturing love, Rhodonite is like a knight in shining amour rescuing you after a break-up.

It helps you to recognise and break negative relationship patterns, letting go, releasing blame and leaving them in the past so you can move forward and attract a healthy relationship.

Wear this crystal if you are in need of a pep-up after an emotionally draining time. It will nurture you, heal your heart chakra, help you release the fear of being alone and balance your emotions.

Zodiac - Aries, Scorpio

Chakra - Heart

Mantra "I am ready to release old emotional wounds and welcome new love"

  •  Bead size 8mm 
  • Internal diameter 52mm
  • One size fits all