Mini Angelite Necklace - Gold 16"

Mini Angelite Necklace - Gold 16"

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Add some elegant, angelic vibes to your aura with this delicate Mini Angelite Wrapped Necklace. 

Angels - Protection - Calming


Feeling disconnected from it all?


Going through a difficult time and need some direction?

Reach for some Angelite!

The stone of protection and angelic connection Angelite reminds us we are always supported not matter what. 

A fantastic stone to help us see the way when we are in a difficult life situation, as it's name suggests, Angelite encourages communication and guidance from our team of angels. It's beautiful calming vibes ease stress and anxiety.

Wear this crystal as soon as you start feeling stressed out or fearful. With the intention to ease your racing thoughts and invoke a sense of calm, touch your crystal, take three deep breaths and ask your angels to protect you. Our angles are always on standby but they will not interfere with our free will. All we need to do is ask for their help and they'll assist us. 

If you've asked for guidance, keep an open mind and release the idea of how you'll receive their message. 

Don't be surprised if you start seeing signs. Quite often they'll be through finding a feather in an unusual place, re-occurring numbers or even through the lyrics of a song on the radio. Remember to always acknowledge and thank them.

Don't question the message!  You'll know when you receive it.

Zodiac - Aquarius

Chakra - Heart, Throat, Crown

Mantra "Thank you, to my Angels, for your constant love, help and guidance"

  • Necklace 18K Gold Platinum Plated Brass 40cm 16"
  • Long lasting gold plated copper wire
  • Crystal Drop ~10mm
  • Lobster clasp closure