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Peach Selenite Wrapped Necklace - Silver 18"

Peach Selenite Wrapped Necklace - Silver 18"

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Add some gentle, supporting and cleansing vibes to your aura with this Peach Selenite Wrapped Necklace. 

Cleansing - Moon/Earth Energy - Emotional Healing

Do you need a boost of confidence?

Are you working on healing past emotional wounds?

Looking to turn your past around and bring in positivity?

Say hello to Peach Selenite!

Similar to white selenite, this beautiful crystal cleanses and purifies everything it touches. It assists you in unloading heavy emotional baggage and will help you to start seeing difficult situations from a win-win perspective. 

Are you failing to see your unique, positive qualities that set you apart from the masses? Peach Selenite will help you to see yourself in a more positive light - help you to see the beauty and uniqueness others see in you.

This gorgeous crystal melds together both moon and earth energy. Use her to up the game on your new moon musings while keeping you grounded at the same time. 

Zodiac - Cancer

Chakra - Sacral, Crown

Mantra "I am ready to start celebrating myself and bring in joy"

  • 18K Gold Plated Brass Chain 42cm 18"
  • Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Crystal ~ 77x12mm
  • Lobster clasp closure