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Lepidolite Wrapped Necklace - Gold 22"

Lepidolite Wrapped Necklace - Gold 22"

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Add some elegant, soothing vibes to your aura with this Lepidolite Wrapped Necklace. 

Anxiety relief - Self-reliance - Sleep

Stressed out and anxious?

Always seeking reassurance from others?

Ready to stop overthinking and start living in the present moment?

Lepidolite is the crystal for you!

This gorgeous glimmering lilac stone is the ultimate chill pill. It has a serene vibe that melts away anxiety and allows us to be at ease in the present moment. Not only does it detoxify emotions, it allows us to own our feelings, stand on our own two feet and detach from the need to blame others for our feelings and rely on them for emotional support and guidance.

Use this crystal is you want to dissolve emotional patterns that are holding you back in life. Lepidolite has a beautiful nurturing, loving quality that will help you feel supported when healing and in times of change. This stone teaches us to slow down an listen to the whispers within and then move forward with self-assurance. Wear it during the day for support and then place it by your bedside at night for a peaceful sleep.

Zodiac - Capricorn, Aquarius

Chakra - Third Eye, Heart and Throat

Mantra "I am calm and safe in the present. I choose to do what I can in this moment and take life one step at a time"

  • 18K Gold Plated Brass Chain 56cm 22"
  • Tarnish Resistant Gold Plated Copper Wire
  • Crystal ~ 21x29mm
  • Lobster clasp closure