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Black Tourmaline Wrapped Necklace - Silver 24"

Black Tourmaline Wrapped Necklace - Silver 24"

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Add some protective vibes to your aura with this Black Tourmaline Wrapped Necklace. Layer with multiple necklaces for a luxe boho look.

Purification - Protection - Grounding

Are you sensitive to the energy around you?

Do you often feel drained when dealing with others?

Black Tourmaline is for you!

The stone of purification, Black Tourmaline has a super grounding and protective vibe. 

If you are an empath this is a must have crystal. It's fantastic for absorbing any toxic energy that isn't yours and particularly helpful for blocking energy vampires that unknowingly draw on your energy for their own purposes. 

Wear Black Tourmaline everyday if you feel you keep giving your energy away. It will help you break any negative patterns or unhealthy energetic ties you have to others.

Zodiac - Libra, Scorpio

Chakra - Base

Mantra "I release negativity and any attachments that no longer serve me"

  • Platinum Plated Brass Chain Necklace 61cm 24"
  • Crystal ~ 41x15mm
  • Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Lobster clasp closure